The word ”Bankara” is a colloquial term that was once used in Japan to best describe an individual outstanding and unique style amidst the swarm of a conformist society. Bankara’s brand values and product offering are unmistakably Japanese, yet differentiated from the market competitors in tantalising the customers dining experience, namely the palette and sensory immersion.

Embracing the philosophy “Cooking by Heart”, Bankara brand is the result of Mr. Kusano’s desire to constantly innovate and improve the taste of Japanese ramen. Drawing upon his family’s expertise handed down through the generations, Mr. Kusano embarked on a quest in selecting the finest of ingredients and cooking techniques, to develop a new ramen soup recipe.

In 1998, the “Impact” taste so broadly associated with the brand, heralded the arrival of the Bankara Signature Ramen. With over 60 premium outlets spanning across Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, we proudly present Bankara Raman Malaysia.


The journey to tantalise our customers’ five senses; taste, smell, sight, sound and touch, begins here.

(Taste & Smell) “Cooking by Heart”, Bankara Ramen Malaysia serve four authentic Japanese ramen styles namely Bankara Signature, Tonkotsu ramen, Miso ramen and Tsukemen. Each ramen style is clearly defined by the soup and accompanying noodles of varying thickness and texture. We are proud to serve the same quality and flavour in every bowl of ramen, as one would come to expect if one was dining in Japan. Selected ingredients imported from Japan, attention to detail and preparation ensures we serve the most authentic “Impact” test ramen that you will truly savour and crave for.

(Sight, Sound & Touch) True the brand values, Bankara Malaysia Flagship store draws its design inspiration from various traditional Japanese architectures, present in the form of the large vault-like doors as one enters the main dining hall, roff trusses of s traditional home and to the hand crafted wood ornaments that decorated the walls. Ultimately recreating a classic samurai inspired dining house.